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There are many aspects involved in finding the right fit colleges for the busy high school students, from selecting the right college choices to applying financial aid, and then how to organize to meet the deadlines for tests and applications. With a heavy load of homework, community service or job commitment plus extracurricular activity involvement, students may have very limited time in conducting thorough college research and managing the application process. Parents who are eager to help either find no time of their own or face the overwhelming amount of information on-line or in print. Admission-Bridge aims at assisting families to reduce their stress in finding the right fit college for the students, and guide them through the end.

College Search / Selection

College selection process is a self-discovery journey to many students. What are my interests, strengths or weaknesses? Do I have a clear understanding on what to study, or do I want to explore before focusing on any subject?  What kind of campus would I feel most comfortable, the size, location, weather, and people?  Do I have desire for further education such as getting a Master or PhD degree? Each person has his/her personality, so does a college. Finding the right college depends on each student's realization on what the goals are for the short term - college, and for the long haul - career and life.


Admission-Bridge will guide students in this process to build their confidence, independence and self-esteem on their pathway to adulthood.

Financial Aid / Scholarship

Without the financial means, the dream college will only be a dream, and the college which seems to be right won't be a real fit. What is financial aid? Who gets financial aid? What types of financial aid are available for students? How do I get federal grant vs. merit scholarship? Do colleges negotiate their sticker prices on tuition? What should families and students do to get financial aid? Which forms should we use, FAFSA vs. CSS Profile and when to file them?


Admission-Bridge is here to help parents and students to better understand all the options available and the detailed requirements in financial aid application process.

Application Organization

To get admitted to the right fit school, the student needs to apply on time with the required materials such as SAT, ACT scores, recommendation letters, an activity list (resume) or a portfolio if applicable. With demanding homework and full schedule of after school activities, where does the student find the time to manage multiple deadlines and organize the materials?


Admission-Bridge's first goal is to coach students on skills like time management, task prioritization and stress reduction. We also use an on-line portal free for students. This software is one of the most effective tools used by many independent college counselors to guide students in college application.

Admission-Bridge offers services below to meet needs of families in different situations, which include college planning and college application step by step guidance.

  • Initial assessment and college planning timeline

  • Academic course road map, study and time management skills, and test planning

  • Extracurricular and summer activities

  • Financial aid, scholarship, FAFSA and CSS profile

  • College list building and campus visit tips

  • Essay strategies and brainstorm

  • Essay review

  • Application strategies and activity list

  • Application review

  • Resume and mock interview

  • Award letter comparison and negotiation tips

  • College Planner Pro software for college research, task management and application check list

Software used to manage the student's college application process: College Planner Pro

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