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About the Founder

Why Admission-Bridge?

Trained as a diplomat, Karen always encourages her students to read the world news and prepare for global leadership roles someday. After working for years in the marketing field, Karen uses her professional skills to help students present their best to colleges. As an immigrant parent, Karen understands challenges faced by many families and has facilitated respectful communications between students and parents. She enjoys seeing students transform into competent young adults during her college guidance process.

Since founding Admission-Bridge in 2015, Karen has been frequently attending national conferences, meeting with admission officers, and visiting colleges to gain first-hand knowledge about the people, culture, and facilities of each campus.


Karen holds degrees in Bachelor of International Law from China Foreign Affairs University and Master of Economics from Mankato State University, MN. She has also earned a certificate of Independent Educational Consultant from UC Irvine Extension.

Admission-Bridge focuses on empowering students during the process of college planning and applications. From understanding their interests and goals when selecting the right fit colleges to reflecting and expressing their own unique stories in college essays, students mature and grow under the guidance of Karen at Admission-Bridge. As a result, these students are not only successful in getting into great universities but also ready to strive when they arrive on campuses.

Karen has extensive experience in advising fencers to get recruited by top Div I and Div III universities in the United States. She is also skilled at guiding students to highlight their fencing or other extracurricular achievements in their application presentations.

Students worked with Karen have been admitted into top national private and public universities as well as hidden gem colleges. Karen has also helped students with their college financial offer comparison and negotiation/appeal process, saving money for families.


"Karen does a great job with being straightforward and honest with students. She reads over every essay with detail to ensure that students are submitting their best work. The CPP tool is an excellent place for students to research colleges and find information on various topics related to applications."   

- A Student (Lost Gatos, CA)

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