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Depending on the student’s needs, Admission-Bridge offers hourly consultation and individualized coaching through the entire college application process. The service areas include:


  • Demystify college application process and provide detailed timeline

  • Advise on high school 4-year academic course roadmap and testing plan

  • Motivate the student’s pursuit of meaningful extracurriculars

  • Assess the student’s study interest and college criteria

  • Assist campus exploration with tips

  • Build a well-balanced college list for positive acceptance outcomes

  • Explain process and opportunities for financial aid, merit aid and scholarship

  • Brainstorm essay ideas with multiple exercises

  • Coach essay writing for effective technique, structure, and content

  • Strategize application plans and edit activity list descriptions

  • Provide constructive feedback to the student’s essays and applications

  • Improve interview performance through mock interview

  • Help with financial aid award letter comparison and negotiation for more money

  • Guide a student athlete in the recruiting process

  • Manage the student’s tasks, college research, application checklist and more on College Planner Pro platform​

* CPP (College Planner Pro) is an online portal that Admission-Bridge uses with students.

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