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College Planning (Steps 1-3)


Step 1. Course Roadmap
Step 2. Extracurricular/Summer Activities
Step 3. Preparing & Presenting Your Best

In this course, students will be given guidance and tools to complete these tasks:

  • Plan the entire high school classes and position for competitive major applications

  • Explore, design and engage activities that are meaningful and rewarding

  • Create a resume and get ready for summer job or internship interviews

March 17, 20 and 27 at 4:00PM


College List Building (Steps 4-6)


Step 4. Assessment
Step 5. Exploring Colleges
Step 6. College List Building

In this course, students will be given guidance and tools to complete these tasks:

  • Conduct assessment on strength, learning style, interests and college criteria

  • Connect with admission officers and students in colleges to increase likely admissions

  • Build a balanced college list to aim high and secure safe acceptance outcome


College Essay Writing (Steps 7-9)


Step 7. CA Essay Writing Tips
Step 8. UC PIQ Writing Tips
Step 9. "Why Us" Essay Writing Tips

In this course, students will be given guidance and examples to complete these tasks:

  • Highlight their strength and achievements through storytelling in the main essay

  • Answer UC questions to demonstrate personal uniqueness

  • Write quality supplemental essays specific to particular college or program  


College Application (Steps 10-12)


Step 10. Application Preparation
Step 11. Application Forms
Step 12. Application Tracking

In this course, students will be given guidance and tools to complete these tasks:

  • Strategize college application plans, polish activity list and ask for recommendations

  • Utilize application form space to best present themselves to colleges

  • Prepare, organize and track required application material submission


Scholarship & Financial Aid*


1. Financial Matters of Attending College
2. FAFSA & CSS Profile Forms
3. Compare Aid Offers

In this webinar via Google Meet, students and parents will learn how colleges give aid, why it is important to file financial aid forms, in what way the family's financial ability affects the student's admission outcomes and how to appeal or negotiate for more money from accepted colleges.

(*This is a webinar free to the public. Students enrolled in any other courses have priority in registration.)


Service Terms and Cancellation Policy:


Admission-Bridge charges a $10 process fee for any paid booking cancellation. Cancellation or rescheduling notification must be sent to at least 24 hours in advance.

Admission-Bridge reserves the right to cancel any courses. For any paid courses canceled by Admission-Bridge, a full refund will be issued.

These courses include instructions only. For student’s work review and individualized planning or coaching, please consider the 1-on-1 service offered by Admission-Bridge. Admission-Bridge does not guarantee college placement or acceptance to any college.

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